About my work

Every time I start a new painting, my main concern is to obtain such an equilibrium of colours and shapes as to enable the person who looks at my work to see the beauty of our real being, a being liberated from the tight strings of the ego. The result of my effort is an imaginary world; sometimes filled with harmony, serenity and joy, most of the times just with the struggle against my own inner demons.

From 1987, I have been a member of the Swedish Union of the Plastic Artists, and I have had personal and group exhibitions in Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

About what inspires me

I love the Carpathian Mountains, the mystery of northern Canada, the Sahara Desert and the powerful Atlantic Ocean. I also love Parisian streets, the melancholy of Lisbon and Rome and the charm of Essaouira.

I love classical music, the human voice, and most of all, I love life.